Chamchuri square
1,725 sqm
5 weeks

Project Background

Project detail

Project owner : Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)

Project Location : Chamchuri Square Building, Bangkok, Thailand

Project year : 2011

Project area : 1,750 sq.m.

Scope of service : Design

Project Value : 0.46 MB

Construction Duration : 45 days

About this company

Under the Act, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) of Thailand is established, comprising one Chairman and six other Commissioners graciously appointed by His Majesty the King, to regulate energy industry operation, which means the electricity industry, the natural gas industry and the energy network industry, to ensure compliance with the objectives of the Act, under the policy framework of the government. The Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission (OERC) is also established under the Act as a state agency to function as the Secretariat to support the work of the ERC. The first set of ERC was graciously appointed by His Majesty the King on 1 February 2008.