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Our process to Design & Built

  • Start
  • Client brief

    Apart from number of headcounts and organization chart, we will provide a simple fill in form for each departments to get the best functional work flow and provide the most effective workplace solution

  • Test fit

    According to a client’s need, We provide a solution from the location to site inspection for minimize the construction and design issue through the project

  • Design Concept & budget proposal

    We design and provide a construction plan to illustrate our client with clear and easy to understand budget.

  • Building Approval

    We create thing from paper to reality.

  • Interior and M&E fit out

    We create thing from paper to reality.

  • Defect and final completion before Move in

    After we finished some defect completely. Client is ready to move in a new fun and smart workplace.

  • Finish

Our process to Refurbishment

  • Start
  • As built survey & Requirement & existing problem

    We inspect and plan to meet the client’s need.

  • Test fit / design concept / budget propose

    J-design will come out with the phasing solution, design and budget.

  • Phase Planning & Communicate changer to Client’s user

    According to a client’s need, We communicate and provide a solution to minimize the effect that can impact the ongoing existing workplace

  • Interior and M&E fit out according to phase planning

    We create thing from the paper to reality

  • Phase handover until final phase

    We handover phase by phase with organized schedule to minimize the impact to the client operation

  • Defect and final completion

    When we finished the defect, it’s time for client to enjoy their new experience without going anywhere.

  • Finish


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